Our Team

Those that make things happen.

We have assembled a staff of enthusiastic high-quality professionals. Creative designers, art directors, architects, graphic designers and researchers develop one-of-a-kind experiences by using all sorts of expressive resources, while our control management team turns them into economically viable realities.

Who we are

Daniel Gazzo President
and CEO

Ricardo Garat Director of Business Development

Daniel Brandimarte Creative and Art Director

Nicols Lpez Fagndez Commercial Director

Germn Lagier New Business Manager

Osvaldo Ceruso Office Manager

Ernesto Saponaro Operations Manager

Estela Bruno Tourism and Events Manager

Lucas Spsito Content Production Manager

Gimena Greco Production Manager

Juan Pablo Peppino Architecture Manager

Gustavo Luque Director of Audio Visual Operations

Agustina Bellucci Senior Graphic Designer

Ana Polo Cofr Executive Assistant